Hotel Details

2015 -, iOS and Android apps

LateRooms is one of the UK’s leading hotel reservation sites, with a huge selections of UK hotels. The hotel details page is pivotal in the user journey - the hotel's details can be what pushes a user to book a room.


The project kicked off with a Value Proposition workshop. To establish the team and stakeholders current assumptions and drafted some test hypotheses.

User testing helped us to prove and disprove some of our assumptions. There are a lot of details to give the user about hotel - and it's rooms. It was important to work out the optimal hierarchy of information.

Web users said reviews were an important considerations when booking. So these needed to be more visible, without adding too much length to the page. Getting to the rooms also needed to be quick and easy.

App users had a few different needs. They tended to need to book hotels more often, usually for business. To help them decide on a room they wanted better imagery of the rooms and info on nearby transport links.


After usability tests of the current page on web and the apps, we prototyped a new responsive design for web. We wanted to make the design more consistent with the new booking form. As well as addressing the identified needs of our users. Eight users saw these designs:

First design. Left, desktop design with smaller gallery and more info higher up page. Right, mobile design with simplified layout.

Feedback from first test showed us that users wanted reviews to have more prominence. The initial design's gallery was too subtle and users wanted to know how many photos there were. We took all the feedback onboard. Iterated and tested this design with another eight users:

Second design. Left, desktop design with updated gallery and more review information. Right, updated mobile design.

Users were much happier with this design and were able to find the information they were looking for. We gave users several tasks to test this. The new design will be A/B tested against the current page.

For the apps, we discovered that the design only needed tweaking. The icon designs were also updated to help with understanding.

Note: the icon designs still need validation.

App designs, with nearest transport links added based on user feedback. Left, Android design (for Material Design update). Right, iOS design.


Awaiting further testing.

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