ITV Hub+

2016 -

The ITV Hub serves as a 30-day catch up service for all shows across all of ITV's channels, with millions of viewers catching up on shows they missed every week. The ITV Hub+ service allowed customers to watch show on the hub ad-free.


After a successful short-trial of an ad-free version of the service on iOS, it was decided to extend the ad-free proposition to web.

A new model to allow users to subscribe, and a user flow was drawn up.

I put together a prototype of the flow for iOS users and for web users, using Adobe XD. Which allowed the wider team to see high level flows, plus be able to click on any element they wanted to see what that stage would look like to a user.


One of the designs for the landing page users would see when visiting directly.

Designs for the 'Set up' page where users input their payment details, personal details where pulled in from their existing account details.

Error states for each of the fields on the 'Set up' page.

Design for the 'Your account' page, when a user has an active Hub+ subscription.

Patterns for the payment aspects of this new flow were developed from looking at some of the best ecommerce websites were working. Whilst the rest of the designs were being iterated on and plans for testing were being drafted.


Since the initial build the design and offering on all platforms have been iterated on.

The offering has also been expanded to offer a 7-day free trial and access to catch-up to customers in the EU. Find out more at the ITV Hub+ information page

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