HME Branding

2015 - HME

A platform to provide medical education, insights and to host forums for hematology professionals.


A versatile brand for the platform so it can fulfil many purposes around the world. As well as the brand itself, we created some mock-ups of event materials. Note: these events were fictional to show the flexibility of the brand.


The logo was inspired by phials and patterns found in some phial racks. The logo could be swapped out when used for different events, relying on the visual language to retain consistency. The brand guidelines provided details on how designers working on the brand in the future could keep this consistency, including details on photography treatment, colours, typography, etc.

Primary logo.

Family of logos for meetings, debates, exchanges and symposiums.

Pages from the brand guidelines.

Top left: example of digital symposium poster. Bottom right: example of a print debate poster.

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